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Publication Information

Publication Information

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JSSC issues the various publications that include the treatises or reports on the most advanced techniques regarding steel construction.

Those who wish to purchase need to ask by E-mail "JSSC-INFO@jssc.or.jp".

This was first published in January 2003 as an English-language technical magazine with a focus on steel-structure construction and is jointly sponsored by the Committee on Overseas Market Promotion of The Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF) and the Japanese Society of Steel Construction (JSSC).  Since then, it has been issued periodically to introduce Japan's advanced technologies in steel-structure construction to interested people around the world.

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Steel Construction Engineering
A book of treatises involving public participation. For the purposes of publishing the information about the most advanced techniques with regard to steel construction, this is issued quarterly.

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JSSC Bulletin
This is a quarterly periodical issued for JSSC members and carries the information on topical projects, new products or methods, and overseas news.

JSSC Journal of Constructional Steel
A publication of the treatises published as proceedings of the annual
Steel Structure Symposium held. This also involves public participation from the field of steel construction.

JSSC Technical Report
A publication that carries the articles about the achievements of the activities of JSSC committees such as researches studies and standardization activities.

A booklet of Japanese Society of Steel Construction Standards(JSS) of the techniques and products that are difficult to be JIS Standards immediately.

Other Publications
Proceedings of Forum on Corrosion-Proof Painting for Steel Structures
A publication of treatises and reports published in the annual technical forum. This contains the reports that are practically of use for those working in the field of steel construction.

Proceedings of Forum on Repair and Reinforcement of Steel Constructions
A publication of treatises and reports publicized in the technical forum held every other year. Reports on the factual examples of repairs and reinforcements of steel constructions illustrated in the forum.

Books with regard to the subjects other than those mentioned above and textbooks used in seminars are also issued.

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